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    Fishing in South Georgian Bay

  • Fishing Gear & Basics

    Gyles Sails & Marine in Thornbury has all the necessary items for you to have a smooth start to your fishing adventure. Walking distance to the mouth of the Beaver River, Gyles serves as a great starting location for easy fishing access.

    Start out with the purchase of a fishing rod. There are different kinds of fishing rods on the market, different sizes, made of different materials, for different purposes. If you’re just a beginner, you’re going to want something simple, not too big and not to small. A medium action rod with a fast tip can be used in most situations.

    The next important part of your fishing outfit is your reel. If you want a basic reel that does the trick and catches fish you can ask for a Spincast Reel (also known as a Closed Face reel). This will make things very easy for you and will avoid your line from being tangled. If you’d like to try something a bit more difficult, you can ask for a Spinning Reel (also known as a Open Face reel). This style is a bit more tricky but very helpful if you can figure it out.

    The next step in preparing your gear is knowing what to use as tackle. Fish love live bait but the hard part is knowing what fish want. Earth worms work best for most fish. Your best bet is to ask someone with some fishing knowledge like the staff at Gyles.

    How do you find the fish? Well, fish need oxygen just like you and me. If the water does not have sufficient oxygen, fish will not be able to live in it. What you’re looking for are waterfalls, fountains, turbulence (ripples, etc.) and brightly colored vegetation. Avoid pollution, sewage and decaying vegetation. Fishing takes lots of time and patience. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t succeed the first time. Practice makes perfect.

    South Georgian Bay Fishing Charters and Tours

    Family Fishing Adventure
    Collingwood Adventure Voyages offers a 2-hour family fishing package geared for families with children. It’s the best and most economical way to get the family out fishing this summer, perfect for beginners. Fishing guides will assist and teach you the basics of fishing techniques. The 2-hour package includes all bait, tackle, rods and equipment. Choose a 4-hour charter fishing adventure and head out as a crew member aboard the largest vessel (40 feet) and fish for salmon and rainbow trout - an amazing experience and a great day out on the water. Available from May to October.
    Collingwood Adventure Voyages

    Fishing Charter, Meaford Harbour
    Fishing & hunting licenses, live bait & fishing tackle available on the boat. Season starts April to October. You can catch salmon, rainbow trout, lake trout, skamania and brown trout. 4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour charters available for 1 to 4 people.
    U Catch'em Charters

    Trout Pond Fishing

    Enjoy ponds stocked with naturally fed brook, brown and rainbow trout, as well as a separate pond for large-mouth bass. Rainbow trout stocked is stocked regularly, brook and brown when available. This is a family facility aimed at providing a fun-filled fishing day for everyone. Open April through October to the public for trout pond fishing. No fishing license is needed, no limits, no season. You must bring your own fishing equipment.
    Wilmer Trout Ponds

    The Thornbury Fishway

    Also known by visitors and locals as 'The Fish Ladder' the Thornbury Fishway is located in the heart of Thornbury and can be viewed from Highway 26 as you enter Thornbury from the East. The fishway is managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources. New this year, the Ministry has installed an underwater camera and sensor at the fishway to track the type and number of fishway, along with data on the peak times of fish passage through the fishway. This passive fishway consists of an open channel with a relatively natural appearance that also allows for excellent fish viewing opportunities. Rainbow trout and Chinook salmon are readily visible as they swim or jump over each of the steps and pass up through the pools of the main portion of the fishway. The new fishway retains the capability for fish capture, sampling as well as automatic counting to help monitor the health of the fish populations. (Note. Fishing is not permitted near the fish ladder.)