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  • Did you know that South Georgian Bay is home to 6 waterfalls? From Eugenia to the north of Owen Sound, how many have you vistied?

    Eugenia Falls plunges into the Cuckoo Valley, where the Beaver River drops 30-metres over the Niagara Escarpment. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Eastern Canada.
    Drive east along County Road 40 to County Road 7 south, through the towns of Fairmount and Epping, into the Beaver Valley. Head south on County Road 13 to Eugenia. The entrance to Eugenia Falls is across from the Eugenia Falls Emporium. After a short five-minute walk, the trail brings visitors to the plunging view of the falls. On a sunny day, the sunlight dances on the falling waters, which is why the First Nations people called it "Sparkling Waters."

    After checking out Eugenia Falls, Hoggs Falls is not far away.
    Just head west on Grey Road 4 from Grey Road 13, and turn right onto East Back Line. Then take a right onto Lower Valley Road. Watch for parking on your left. 
    After parking, it's just a five-minute walk, and you can actually hear the roar of the cascading waters. The falls is just 7-meters high, but the volume of water from the Boyne River make Hoggs Falls a magnificent sight to see! Also, rumour has it, that this area is a popular fishing spot! 
    (You can also hike from Eugenia Falls to Hoggs falls, make sure to wear appropriate footwear).

    Walter's Falls is a unique double waterfall. It's a 14-meter double plunge onto the Big Head River. It is named after John Walter, who discovered the falls back in 1852, as well as the village itself. Walter's Falls became a busy tourist spot since the opening of the Inn in 2005. The Inn has earned a place in Ontario's Finest Inns directory and has become a popular hot spot for weddings. 
    A viewing platform was built out above the falls which gives an excellent up -close look at the falls. A bridge crosses the falls, which allows for easy access to the far side of the riverbank to get a different view of the twin falls. 
    Directions: From the village of Walter's Falls, turn north onto Front Street, and follow the road right into the parking lot beside the Falls Inn. The falls are right at the edge of the parking lot. 
    Walter's Falls is about a 40-minute drive from Collingwood. 
    Including Inglis Falls, near Owen Sound. From Collingwood, take Hwy 26 West, turn left onto Grey Road 40, take a right onto Grey Road 29,/County Road 29, Turn left onto Grey Road 29 and then take a left onto Grey County Road 18 (signs for county road 18). Lastly. take a right onto Inglis Falls Road. This waterfalls is a must-see for tours to Owen Sound, and a major highlight of any hike along the Bruce Trail. 
    The Sydenham River pours over a stunning rock formation of limestone shelves creating an 18-meter high cascade that has carved a deep gorge at the base of the falls. 
    Inglis Falls is a conservation area, which means there is an admission fee. This area has more then 7 km's of trails that boast more than 20 species of ferns, bird watching and a series of geological potholes. There are also the remains of the grist mill and a picnic area. 
    Photograph Inglis Falls during the winter months for beautiful frozen cascades. Plowed regularly. You can also park at the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority Headquarters just north on Inglis Falls Road and hike/snowshoe uphill from there.

    Pottawatomi & Jones Falls Conservation Area
    offers a wonderful cascade waterfalls that you can hike to from the Owen Sound Transportation parking lot and can also the falls from Highway #21 as well. This area is visited by many who hike over 7 kilometers of trails. A great place to snowshoe in the winter! Be sure to visit www.visitgrey.ca/waterfalls for more water falls to visit. (Note: In August, the falls does not have much water flowing over it).

    Indian Falls, north of Owen Sound off of Grey Road 1 in Balmy Beach.
    The main natural feature of this site is the horseshoe shaped waterfall, named after the Newash Indian tribe who lived in this area at one time. The 15 metre high waterfall was formed by the erosion of soft Queenston shale beneath hard Manitoulin dolomite, in a manner similar to Niagara Falls. see also www.greysauble.on.ca