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Sound Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls

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Event Name: Sound Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls
Event Date(s): March 22, 2018 - Mar. 23, 2018
Location: Collingwood
EVENT_TIMES: 7:00 - 8:30pm
Website: Click here to visit
Description: Sound Meditation: with Himalayan Singing Bowls with Lisa-Kristine Arlt
Thu Date: Mar 22 2018 - Mar 23 2018 From: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

This Group Meditation invites participants to gather in community while being swept away to calm and rejuvenation by the soft and soothing sounds of Himalayan Planetary Singing Bowls. Individuals will be lying down through the session on yoga mats, using pillows, bolsters, blankets and anything else that is required for comfort. Props are provided, but you may bring any items with you that will support your deep enjoyment of the evening.

Sound Meditation with Himalayan Planetary Singing Bowls calm the mind while facilitating a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. It also assists in reducing tension and restoring harmony, energy and balance. The cosmic sounds from the singing bowls produce multiple harmonic overtones that are recognized for their ability to induce a deep sense of peace, tranquility and well-being.
The subtle yet powerful energy of sound healing affects our nervous system, works on a cellular level, and has the ability to rearrange our molecular structure returning it to it's intended harmonic frequency through sympathetic resonance.

Address: 275 First Street ~Upstairs Unit 13, Collingwood, ON L9Y 1A8