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Apple Cider Pressing

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Event Name: Apple Cider Pressing
Event Date(s): October 13, 2018
Location: The Blue Mountains
Website: Click here to visit
Description: T&K Ferri Orchards invite you to join an on-site apple cider pressing event on Saturday, October 13th from 11am to 4pm.
Grandad Jack's Apple Cider, made solely from the apples grown at T&K Ferri will be pressed by Geissburgers Farmhouse Cider. Known for their outstanding pressing, Geissburgers were seen on CBC Dragon's Den in 2013 and were successful in starting this new venture.

T&K Ferri owner Karen Ferri explains, “The mobile apple cider mill is the only mill of its type east of the Rockies.” The apples are hand-picked from the trees. The blend of apple varieties, including some honey crisp, are placed into the cider mill. Apples are first flumed, washed, then pressed. The juice is taken from the pressed pulp and sent thru the pasturizer. Once in the bags, it is sealed so that is air-tight. The sealed bags are placed in the boxes, ready for sale.”

The farm is situated in the heart of the Beaver Valley at Victoria Corners just minutes from Georigan Hills Vineyard. Not only does this farming couple run a world-class, one-of-a-kind orchard, they are credited with one of the most modern orchards in Ontario utilizing the spindle-spin technique vs the traditional large spanning apple trees. Planted on their 20 acres, there are 55000 trees – this is about 3.5 times what a traditional orchard would plant. The growing technique allows for more sunlight, less sprays and a less onerous picking process – each apple is carefully hand picked for a specialty market apple. Their tagline is fittingly “Simply Great Apples”. The Ferri’s grow 8 varieties, including Honey Crisp and the proudly Canadian Macs and Canadian Ambrosia.
The Market also offers local Apple blossom honey and TK Ferri’s own Grandad Jack’s Apple Cider.